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My biggest struggle with health and fitness has always been maintaining positive habits. After deciding that it was time to get serious about weight loss, I found Gimme Fit and my experience has been amazing. Not only does private personal training allow you a more personalized approach to fitness and weight loss, it also allowed my coach to better point out my errors and fix them. All in all, I would recommend Gimme Fit to anybody who is ready to step up their fitness.

Lawrence L.


That’s a perfect place , a training place I have been to . It was hard for me to lose weight and being a fat person for a really longtime Till I was recommenced by my friend and tried for this personal training place, I lose 45 pounds fat and build about 15 pounds. For me, I always it is really good feeling to be back as a human being , not a ball anymore. Please find Mr Yajen an Asian face, he is so professional and kind during the training time. He helped me to control food intake and do correct training position professionally. I used to do some light training in some gym and cheating myself however this place is not hiding. I am a good example to lose pounds and build good body’s shape. Thanks for this place and all of my friends supporting

Yang L.


My experience with Gimme Fit Personal Training was pretty great. My coach was easy to work with and clearly communicated all the required steps that I would have to take to reach my fitness goal. The pace was really accomodating. I'm a super lazy person to begin with. But we didn’t jump into overdrive (like many other workout programs do) so I really got the opportunity to adjust and get used to all the lifestyle changes that were necessary for me to become fit and stay fit. BEST PART, I can now be in great shape and not have to give up my ice cream!

Jessica D.